About me


Kenneth Skulbru is a photographer based on the beautiful island of Senja, Northern Norway.


The island has a powerfull, yet gentle and dramatic beauty, and is a fantastic place to observe the aurora borealis. An excellent infrastructure makes it easy to access the whole island.

The beautiful mountains and fjords makes it an excellent choice for hikers and off piste skiing. The island is often reffered to as “Norway in miniature”, as the diverse scenery reflects almost the entire span of Norwegian nature.

Scattered villages makes little or none light pollution. The north and western coast are scattered with fishing villages surrounded by steep dramatic mountains, while the eastern and southern parts of the island are milder and rounder with agriculture land.



Thank you for having a look at my photographic art. Here you will see things through my eyes, as I try to catch the beauty that surround us. My photographs tries to express the feelings for the locations when I visit these places, and the journey has just begun.

Thank you for joining me here today.



I currently shoot digital, with a Canon 5D MKII.